[Clayart] making a flat pattern for a concave surface

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I would strongly advise you to go with Jeff's advice. 

In case you want to try fitting multi-gore images together, here are pdf's for some.
... I expect that it's possible if you really really have to

And applying multiple "small" images is another option, this time with pumpkins

I wonder about some sort of snowflake derived pattern?

This is only 2D, but gives a quick way of getting rotational symmetry

Regards, Peter

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Hi Marci,
As Fred notes, decals are stretchy. When I was making decal-decorated bowls
a long time ago, this made application easy to convex surfaces (though I
never tried a curve as tight as a solstice-tree ornament.)
However, while the decals I got did stretch and applied fairly easily to
the outside of my bowls, they didn't condense well, leading to hinky and
wrinkled lines on the concave inside surfaces, even though the bowls were
fairly big at about sixteen inches across. I failed to plan ahead as you're
doing but even if I had, it would have  been hard to get the tightly
interwoven pattern I was shooting for to work. It will make the project a
lot easier if you suggest the connections instead of try for actual linear
continuity between them. Applying eight separate lobes radiating from a
center would be fairly trivial on convex surfaces and possible with
difficulty on a concave surface (were you really thinking of decals on the
inside of your ornaments?).
Trying to get lines on one lobe to meet up with lines on another, though,
will be grim.  After a few dozen cycles of pulling one side congruent only
to skew the other sides,  I predict a gibbering future amongst white-clad
orderlies Just read the news to see how hard we humans find it to align
ourselves on anything on opposite sides of this larger globe we inhabit.
Decalcomaniacally yours,
PS Thanks for making me look up that definition of "gore" - never heard of
that before.
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