[Clayart] making a flat pattern for a concave surface

Alice DeLisle wanderland at att.net
Tue Mar 25 07:56:59 EDT 2014


Sometimes I want to make a template for an irregular shape.  I find that I can start with that shape and cut it up so it lays flat.  Then trace it on a piece of paper.  Maybe you could start with something like an orange.  Score the peel from the stem end to the flower end.  Then start scoring lobes along the rest of the peel, leaving the equator intact on all subsequent scorings, and gently remove the peel from the orange starting from the first score.  Lay the peel as flat as possible and trace it.  You can use a computer scanner to change the size of the template that you make.  It might work more easily to make individual templates from each lobe.
Hope this helps.  Good luck.

Alice DeLisle

wanderland at att.net

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