[Clayart] gore map mug for Marci

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Tue Mar 25 12:15:22 EDT 2014

Hi Terrie, Marci, all,

Terrie - I could not get the link you provided below, to open.

Found this though, and, it seems fairly informative and interesting -


Just now nicely these methods may translate to a 'Bell' or general Mug or 
not-exactly-half-a-sphere-of-Bowl or other Pottery shape/form, I do not 
know, but, if I had to guess, I would guess they will not not translate 
well, since these are about managing the concerns of a Sphere, and, other 
shapes will have their own ( irregular, and, hence far more complicated ) 

L v

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From: Terrie Banhazl

Hi Marci

I utilized an 1500's  world gore map from the Library of Congress Image
catalog (amazing site for cool  royalty free images)  to cover a stoneware
mug. I too have been trying to figure out the formula to manipulate other
images into the gore map pattern.  I'll let you know if I ever figure it
out.  In the mean time check out the mug here


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