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Dorothy Parshall dorothyp at whidbey.com
Tue Mar 25 13:31:22 EDT 2014

On Mar 25, 2014, at 9:01 AM, mel jacobson wrote:

> this year it was very evident.  all the old icons are gone.
> gone for good.  no warren, don reitz, soldner being goofey.
> the glory years are past us right now.  like most craft things...
> things are changing.  it is no longer filled with famous people.

As I have aged, I, unwittingly, started to move away from a lot of  
things - wondered why people were writing about..., going to that  
workshop..., etc. One day I woke up to the fact that, having been  
there, done that, or moved beyond an interest in has come with age and  
there are lots of people, younger people!  or even older people who  
have not had the same experiences. Like in my 20s when I got so fed up  
because all the women's mags had articles about LOSING weight. What a  
nuisance when I needed to GAIN weight; what's wrong with these mags?  
Now, I could lose a few more pounds but have gained a bit of insight.  
There are always people who have not yet heard of, read,  
experienced.... So --

Where are the new icons? Have standards changed? With the incredible  
flow of info now, why are new icons not popping up! What creates an  
icon? I am seeing marvellous work on line. Is part of being an icon  
force of personality?  Were there ever more than a handful? Can anyone  
on here name just one potter they might consider an up and coming icon?

Why did I NEVER respond positively to the huge ads in CM for nceca? No  
money; no belief that it would be worth any amount of money FOR ME; no  
sense that I had what it took to be a part of that sort of thing; no  
interest in distant mega events; actually, no interest in nearby mega  
events, either! The ads were glossy and off-putting for me. I am not a  
mega-event person.

How many young people are involved in the planning and PR so it is  
geared to the younger people? Has anyone considered a scholarship fund  
for deserving young potters to get there? IF some get there, is the  
content going to speak to them?

What did Colleen think of it? What suggestions might she have?

I attended, with great delight and appreciation, the conferences and  
workshops offered by FUSION. They were within my pitiful budget, and  
within 3-4 hours drive.  I got to experience Don Reitz, David Shaner,  
Karen Karnes, Wayne Ngan and more wonderful potters whose names escape  
me at the moment. Maybe even Tony; I'm sure he was there along with  
other excellent Ontario potters. In a time when we are being exhorted  
to buy locally, does it not make more sense to have mini conferences,  
ones that more people can afford and which take far less travel  
dollars. And are more environmentally friendly.

Clayart has instigated me to do some new glazes, attend 1001 pots   
this summer, and maybe I will look at what Fusion is doing; I know  
they allow Quebec potters to take part. But I still would not consider  
nceca - unless it were in Montreal and I could peek in on it one day  
and meet some clayart folks, maybe bring a few home for supper.

Dorothy, Quebec

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