[Clayart] NCECA part one: where the potters are

jonathan byler jebyler2 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 25 20:44:41 EDT 2014

This really was inspiring, to hear the type of stuff that she did back in the day just to even get her hands on some clay.  She must have been exceptional (i've never seen her work), because in a time when women were not much recognized in ceramic or the arts in general, she was out there with the big boys and they were asking her to work with them, and attend grad school under them.  Her story was especially impressive when you consider the times in which she started, and that women on their own just didn't do these things.  Women (and men) still often don't just do these things, and want someone to hold their hand the whole way through.  The commitment she had, and her thirst for knowledge and skill along the way have hopefully been an inspiration to younger up and coming types.


On Mar 25, 2014, at 10:43 AM, Kelly Savino <primalmommy at MAIL2OHIO.COM> wrote:

> Cynthia Bringle in the closing was about as far as you could get from
> academic or conceptual anything. She doesn't run around naked, get
> famously drunk, or do much to call attention to herself. Her recurring
> theme is, "I just make work." She is a good teacher and a nice person
> and one of my "she-roes" in clay... there are plenty of big dogs left.
> Maybe they are just a little quieter than some who have moved on. 

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