[Clayart] lisa's presentation to nceca

mel jacobson melpots2 at visi.com
Wed Mar 26 13:41:19 EDT 2014

i have never said that lisa is not dedicated, a great potter or any
such thing.
i said she was very hard to understand, and did not use the mike
in the right way.  there were 600 people in a ball room.
if i cannot understand her, then her message is lost.
the people around me said the same thing.
we were in the front, who knew what message got to the
back of the room.

those who have never travelled to the U.K. were sort of
baffled...colleen did not understand one word...except she
asked for us to financially support her cause.  that is fine, but
it was the wrong place to mention three times she hoped
we would financially support her cause.

in fact she said  `if you each gave one pound sixty we could
hire another apprentice.`

if the message is lost, and all you understand is `lend a hand`
the message really gets toasted.

a speech critique is never personal. it is about what is seen
and heard.

it is a common theme at nceca.
the tech folks go crazy.  i talked to them after. and, spent
some time in the prep room with them...really good guys.  stuff for
me to learn.  and, often as they say...they get blamed for a bad
presentation.  not their fault.

folks turn their heads from the mike and talk to the
big screen.  mumble.  all is lost.

if anyone is going to give a talk to a thousand people they
had better learn to use a microphone, tap the power point
without looking.  it takes about ten minutes of prep
with the techs.

i sent my power point uploaded three weeks ahead.  5 images, no text.
i saw people trying to set up their power point five minutes
ahead of their presentation. 55 images and hundreds of words of text.
why give the speech?  just click the power point.  people either listen
or read...most read.

nceca folks can only point you with instructions, then aid you
to get ready.  if you are not ready to roll, your speech goes
to hell.

the moderator of `where have all the potters gone` was dynamite.
hit that mike like a pro.  it is critical.
but, very few listen or read the instruction sheet....

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