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Wed Mar 26 13:36:04 EDT 2014

Steve: Although I agree with you and Taylor that perhaps the real potters
are looking elsewhere for their clay injection site I have to say that it
can be a worthwhile horse to ride.
As for the Clayart horse- it was because of Clayart and you that I will be
presenting at Ceramics Festival at Aberystwyth in Wales UK. Thank you very
much, Steve for your nomination.  I am indeed most honoured as my early
mentor Mick Casson would be very pleased. That followed by an invitation to
do a workshop and present in the Lake District in the UK.
Donovan Palmquist asked me to attend the Wood Fire conference in Denmark. I
also had offers of two workshops in BC and one in Nova Scotia. So you see
it can be worth the price of admission.
On my way out of the hotel at NCECA a Clayarter that wants to remain
anonymous offered me a scholarship for a Sheridan student of colour to
attend NCECA next year. We took 30 students this year. Rhode Island is
closer so there will be more from Sheridan going. I landed a couple of
students summer assistantships that will be career changing. For some of us
NCECA is about conducting business.
That said you have to have good work to back up all the talk. The work is
what gets you the offers not the pub talk. BTW I write many letters of
recommendation but the real good ones I always set up a personal
introduction at NCECA.
Cya in Wales.

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> Amen!
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> On 25 Mar 2014, at 15:17, Taylor Hendrix <wirerabbit2 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I think that many of us have already been looking past NCECA and certain
> > academic clay programs for some time. Not that we don't engage with these
> > foregrounded things--they are an important part of who we are right
> > now--but we are beginning to crane our necks around such things to catch
> a
> > glimpse of something very interesting cresting the hill just there. Still
> > too far away to say exactly what it is, but it's coming. I can feel it.
> >
> > As for me, I'm in clay for the long haul no matter what comes. Let's not
> be
> > afraid that the nexus of clay may be decentralizing, becoming more
> diverse
> > or that markets dry up. Let's keep making and trust that folks will
> always
> > respond positively to things well made.
> >
> > Can I get an Amen?
> >
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