[Clayart] where have all the potters gone/long

Dannon Rhudy dannon at ccrtc.com
Thu Mar 27 10:03:36 EDT 2014

I agree with David that it is much harder to begin
such a business today than even ten or fifteen years
ago.  I made my decision and set up my studio in 2001.
But I already had a place, and I didn't owe anything
to anyone.  I don't buy anything that requires "payments",
and by nature I am happy with a lot of solitude.  I can
do a lot of things myself, though I'm not in David's league there.
Well - few are.

Today, reality is grimmer:  the economy (over the last
five years, average family income is down more than $6,000,
plus inflation at the grocery and gas pump, etc.)  Winter 
here this year was harsh, and that means expensive.
There's less for many, maybe most, to spend for other 
than necessities.  Interesting to find how spring sales
go.  We'll see.

David's right:  determination, do what it takes, persevere.
Know yourself.  And I might add -be careful what you ask for.


Dannon Rhudy

David said:

"If you have to ask if it is possible to make a living
as a potter..... [dramatic pause] .....the answer is probably NO."
Right as this slide came up, Robin Hopper came in through the
back doors of the huge room and wanted to argue that it was,
indeed, possible to make a living as a potter. He missed the
subtle point: the only way to make it as a potter is by sheer
determination. Failure cannot be an option. Do whatever it takes..........

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