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This may also be happening as more "high end" high dollar glass work gets sold, one would imagine more "hobbyist" people will take it up.   (and I mean hobbyist that in terms of people who do it as a hobby not because they are not skilled).  Public exposure is everything.  I may be wrong here, but it seems only recently that the real high dollar ceramic stuff has started to be sold in quantity.  I remember being in school and thinking ceramics as art wasn't going to be for me, because people simply weren't paying for it what they would pay for a nice metal sculpture.  That seems to be starting to change, too, and as more beth caveders and other keep selling their magnificent sculptures for $20-$80,000 it may revitalize ceramics along the way in the public mind.

Some of the public perception that I see of ceramics is that "anyone can do it".  we as proficient artists and potters need to educate people about quality, and remind people that perhaps everyone can do it, but not everyone bothers to do it well.  Try talking to customers about what makes good pots, educate people on why they should buy your stuff made with best skill and love and aesthetic sensibilities.  People (as mel points out all the time) LOVE to know this stuff, and they love to buy well made stuff.  there will always be a market for what we do, but we need to be go-getters and think creatively about how to get that stuff to market, and how to grow the market for ourselves individually, and for the craft/trade/art as a whole.


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> thank you paul, great post, loaded with information.
> yes, many of us have seen glass on the horizon for years...but,
> there has been a huge surge in the industry for glass kilns
> and `stuff`.  paragon has been surging like crazy.  slumping, hobby
> stuff are raging.  and, it is a natural lead in from clay to glass.
> (i have told potters to never be around glass blowers...it means
> another ten grand in new equipment for them. addictive.)
> of course paragon is in the kiln, furnace business, not the
> clay business.  it makes a difference.
> we are also seeing a lot of melted glass in clay vessels.
> it will be the rage soon.
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