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Thu Mar 27 16:06:09 EDT 2014

going to japan was a big deal.
had to leave our new home, yard, dog, cars....family...everything.

i had to fight the school board to get the first sabbatical given
to a teacher in our schools history.
half pay, for one year.

we saved, crimped and put away.
we bought round the world twa tickets.    family plan.

we lived in a small apartment in kyoto.  i worked like a dog.
ten hour days, 6 days a week.

but, uchida treated me like a son.  took me all over japan, and
organized shows for both of us and some solo shows for me.

it was all hard work and dedication.  i could not disappoint him.
our family could not be an embarrassment to him.  we had to be
perfect americans.  and, we were.

the neighbors loved our kids, and sharlene was the star of the
neighborhood.  she was more a japanese woman then the japanese
women.  she was honored.
it made my life a breeze.  we did it right.

jon, pay is an odd concept.  we never got anything from mr. uchida
accept a key to the culture of kyoto.  what is that worth.???
what is it worth to open a one man show of my work at the
matsuya gallery in Tokyo?  i followed a one man show by
no other than hamada.

did i deserve it?  hell no.  he just opened the door for me and
i ran through.  it is a fact of life.  if the door opens, and you do
not run through, it will never open again for you.

colleen often talks about the dreams of her fellow students....they
think they are going to be `discovered`.  like a hollywood star sitting
in a soda fountain.  it will never happen, never.  we only get what
we set out to do.  in art, self promotion is all you have.  if you do not
do it...it will not happen.  it is the world's greatest wake up call.
ego..no, it has nothing to do with it.  change the word.
CONFIDENCE.  gd it, i can do that!!!   as i told my champion swimmers.
`well gang, someone has to be state champs..might as well be us.`
and, we did it 8 times.  they thought it is was just part of the program.
they never had a doubt.  ego, no...confidence, it was we set out to do?

why is clayart over twenty years old???? i do it every day.  never failed
to be there.  who else will do it?...it is my commitment to all of you.
i have promised most of you face to face we will stay alive.

the last two years have been a trial of fire.  but, we got through it.
now, we are on clear ice.....sailing along.  and with arnold as the backup
and paragon to be our rock, we have a long life ahead of us.  the new
ceo of paragon is 100 percent behind the concept of `good education
given away, makes a great company`.  he believes in us.

we have given away three nice kilns...one to a vet from afgans, with both
legs shot off.  what a thrill to deliver that kiln.  your donations have
never gone to waste.  we honor your donations.

i take a few bucks to cover the high speed Internet i run for clayart
and some isp costs for our server in Australia.
that is about it.

yes, when you promise folks something, you keep the promise.
it is the only way possible.  i cannot live any other way.

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