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I think 'ETSY' can work very nicely as both a place to 'Showcase' one's 
work, and, to have a convenient location to direct inquiries to, via a 
simple Link to one's virtual 'Store' there.

It has worked nicely for me in that regard.

However, I would like to Organize my Listing into logical Categories.

Does anyone know how that may be done?

And if so, would you mind offering some instruction on how to do it?

L v

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If you think Etsy is just "craftsy stuff" look up Shino Kanzaki's work. 
There are wonderful pieces at prices I would love to be able to command for 
my work.
Just as Ebay has started to replace the Swap meet market as s source for 
many items, Etsy may start to replace the galleries that have left the 


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