[Clayart] Where have all the potters gone.

dianamp at comcast.net dianamp at comcast.net
Fri Mar 28 11:58:50 EDT 2014

I enjoyed the lecture about this topic, but 
thought they missed a couple of things. 

At the end of the lecture I commented/questioned 
whether anyone on the committee thought that 
DIGITAL media was having an effect on art students' 

In my experience at EMU, our GRAPHIC DESIGN majors 
have far exceeded enrollment in any of the standard 
art areas such as sculpture, painting, or ceramics. 
This has been a growing trend for about 8 years. 
Students are more secure in being employable by 
choosing graphic design (as are their parents). 

My very experienced business friend who also attended 
the lecture told me that she was disappointed that 
no one mentioned a broader economic issue-- 
the DIVISION OF WEALTH in this country. Without a strong 
middle class, the population at large doesn't have enough 
disposable income to treat themselves to hand made art. 
Perhaps those who make are for the wealthy will survive, 
but what about the rest of the artists? 

(Both of my children are in the arts--one in graphic design, 
and one in architecture.) 

Diana Pancioli 

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