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I've been inlaying crushed colored glass into the surface of my vessels for quite a few years now. Some of you may remember an article that I wrote for PMI a few years ago. It was recently posted on the Ceramic Arts daily website:  http://ceramicartsdaily.org/ceramic-glaze-recipes/raku-glaze-recipes/how-to-inlay-glass-into-wheel-thrown-pottery/

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At the NCECA panel discussion, "Where Have all the Potters Gone", Mark
Hewitt showed a slide of his of two mugs, which are still in my head.  Soda
or salt fired, he had placed a tiny bit of glass close to the rim that had
melted down the side of the mug.  Really attractive.  I had seen his large
urns decorated in this way, which I have always admired but on a small
piece it too was very attractive.  He has been using that method for quite
a few years.
from Brighton, Ontario, Canada.  Tired of seeing mounds of dirty snow, now
warming up and raining.  Must be spring, the raccoons are out to the
feeders at night.

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