[Clayart] Where have all the potters gone

Jim Kasper jkasper at zafka.com
Sat Mar 29 12:25:11 EDT 2014


Vince Pitelka said: 
"... I stated my refusal to
have CNC pottery wheels.  Don't
 laugh.  It could happen. 
 - Vince  
           Pardon my
laughter, not at you but at parallel similar but
divergent thought streams. 
I have been reading this thread with
interest. I have been on a clay -less sabattical for about two years since
I was forced by economics to close my Gallery and Studio. Luckily I have
been able to seguay back into an engineering job, but I am one of the
fortunate few. I watch the entire tech industry closely, and I see
computers taking a larger and larger chunk of "Labor". I think
in around 10 years the number of folks who do what I do (embedded computer
programming) will be cut in half.

Anyhow, last night I was
thinking, that in a sense, a well trained potter at a wheel was
essentially a 3D clay printer.  

Anyhow, just a fleeting
thought, struck my odd sense of humor when you mentioned it.

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