[Clayart] On Etsy

Terrance (Terry) Lazaroff zalt57 at videotron.ca
Sat Mar 29 13:36:36 EDT 2014

It was the same when I started Etsy.  A real treadmill.  However, it is now different.  The search engine shows relevant postings.  So if you were to type in pottery you would find about 200,000 listings.  But if you typed in porcelain  the number would change.  Again in your case Paul,  if you were to type in Ceramic Tiles you would see those who offer this type of art.   

Etsy is now in the Google search.   If someone typed “Paul Lewing” in a Google search, your Etsy store would be visible somewhere in the first two to three pages.   

The most important point now when listing on Etsy is to have a good short, and precise titles, good descriptions, and a very good selections of keywords.
They have also allowed many third party app developers that help with the whole marketing experience.  

By the way.   I really enjoyed your book.  I found the historical writings to be most informative.   I did  a bit of painting in China.  Enjoyed it but here I find the smell to strong for my home studio.   I have just started to try water based mediums.   I will play more.


When I first started painting again about 5 years ago, I opened an Etsy store and put some of my small paintings of bears on it one evening.  If you just open up Etsy, what you see are what has been posted most recently.  So I stated scrolling down to find the paintings I had posted about 12 hours earlier.  

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