[Clayart] Watch "Concussions 101, a Primer for Kids and Parents" on YouTube

Dorothy Parshall via Clayart clayart at lists.clayartworld.com
Tue Apr 7 18:23:11 EDT 2015

Duff is so correct!

I don't know about news in the USA but in Canada, concussion is a  
frequent subject on the "sports" news. Recently, a player, football I  
think, retired in his 20s for just that reason. It was wonderful to  
see a young man caring that much about his brain rather than the glory  
of a big shot player.

On our home front, my partner has had two serious ones over the years  
and we know how long it takes to get back to "normal". Recently, I am  
wondering  if the one four years ago has really healed completely;   
there have been some minor but noticeable changes in behaviours. He  
does not seem, in some ways,  the same person as five years ago.

The brain is both more fragile, more easily damaged,  and  more able  
to heal than once thought.

Dorothy, Quebec and Ontario ( moving back to Bancroft, ON for at least  
50% to get away from toxic spraying on crops in southern Quebec.)

On Apr 7, 2015, at 12:03 PM, Douglas Fur via Clayart wrote:

> Mel et al.
> My son is recovering from a concussion. His Dr. Made us watch this  
> video.
> When you mentioned your head not being up to snuff a red light went  
> on for
> me.  I need to ask "What happened to your head when you fell?" Sure  
> this
> could be aging but a fall serious enough to break a bone makes me  
> wonder
> what happened to the rest of your body when you went down. The fall  
> my son
> had was just catching a foot on the leg of his bed and clipping his  
> head on
> the metal bed rail. He still can't recall the moment of impact so not
> remembering hitting your head doesn't mean it didn't happen. This  
> makes
> sense in the case of brain injury that memory is impacted. This also  
> means
> this is not a good time for self evaluation. Ask your MD about it.  
> As I've
> mentioned, you and my son are distant cousins. Based on organizing his
> care, pulling the stubborn square head "I'm okay. 'Sno problem." is  
> not
> helpful.
> Duff
> Seola Creek
> Concussions 101, a Primer for Kids and Parents: https://youtu.be/zCCD52Pty4A
> this is the 61\2 min. version there is also a longer one on YouTube  
> plus
> several other help topics.

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