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Hi Jeff.  Your post inspired me and I'm thinking about introducing a new line of commercial production dinnerware marketed as "Pustulent Biblical Affliction Ware."  I think it will really catch on.  Design variations might include "Leprosy," "Flesh-Eating Virus," "Black Death," "Bubonic Plague," "Scarlet Fever," "Burning Sores," and "Festering Boils." People can build their dinnerware set on only one these themes, or they can mix-'n-match a-la Martha Stewart.  I don't see how I could possibly go wrong here.
- Vince

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Appalachian Center for Craft
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I'm with you, Mel, but ...

If you put Hawaii black sand in a clay body, it weeps through a white glaze like some kind of pustulent biblical affliction.
I might try it milled as you suggest, but not until after I recover from the aesthetic trauma.

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