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1) Do they need holes. 2) do you have an extruder?  3) if they do not need holes and you have an extruder look up axner bead roller on bing or google, the one the sell is too large for what you want but contact me off list and I can write out the instructions for making one that will meet your needs
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Subject: [Clayart] Help please - 3 to 5 mm clay spheres

Hello Folks,


Long time no write.


I need some advice / help please.

I am doing some work on growing my bonsai in fired balls / spheres of
earthenware clay [ and it is porous ] 

For my last effort I sat and cut rectangle lengths of about 5 mm in cubic
shape, then for 3 hours or so I hand rolled them into balls.


I would like to explore this idea further, but can anyone suggest a faster
way to make these balls.

3 hrs later I had enough balls to fill a small bonsai pot.

I ended up however with closer to 8 mm balls.

Thanks in Advance



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