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Hi Sara: 

I regret to say that I have no experience with Pizza stones. 
Except using commercial ones :) 

Because the piece must heat fairly quickly, it probably shouldn't be 
too dense. The stone would need to withstand the thermal shock of 
putting it in a hot oven. For that reason, a less vitrified body might be 
safer, and more resistant to cracking. More than that I cannot say. 

They could probably be made of earthenware OR stoneware, 
but I would think that earthenware would withstand the thermal shock better. 
That is probably why casseroles for the oven are often made of 

I think you could experiment with one or two stones of your design in different clays. 
Then try them out. I wouldn't go into production without some testing. 



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I was given your info by an awesome person in the pottery collectors group 
on facebook. They said you would be a great person to ask m question. 

My question is: 

flame ware, bake ware, and pizza stones? 

I have a vision of a pizza stone I would like to make but I can't seem to 
find any consistent info on how to make them. I know a lot of people use 
kiln shelves but I want to make them a certain shape. 

I looked online and there were lots of people debating if they should be 
perforated or not, textured or smooth. 

What I'm really curious about is clay body. Someone told me earthenware, 
but the lady at Sheffield said no way. Someone at Bailey recommended a 
stoneware clay from Standard call #762 Kitchenware because it contains 
ingredients which help with thermal shock. 

if the stoneware is whiteish, can I stain it with oxides? Is this even the 
right clay body? 

Any ideas? 

Thanks in advance! 

Sara Lynch 

saraelynch at gmail.com 
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