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Snail Scott posted:
"If I'm going to take on the uncertainty and limited means that go with
employment as an artist, then I'm going to make the work that satisfies
me. Anything else is pointless".

I believe Snail's statement hits the nail-on-the-head.

One must be happy and content with what one does for a living,
especially if one chooses to be in the "Artistic" field.

In my opinion, being a starving artist in 2015 doesn't wok and/or pay the
Snail also said "It's a job, and you gotta go do it.  If you don't still
love it minus that freedom,
then go do something else".

The challenge for all of us that are full time in clay (and for those who
aspire to be full time),
is to create objects that will sell at a profit.

Profit is the key word.
In a different generation of artists, "profit" was a four letter word.
"Art for Arts Sake" is an old philosophy.
I know some people will disagree with me on this, but I prefer to pay
my own way and not be the orphaned pup weening on someone else's mother's

At a bare minimum we want to survive and God willing, THRIVE.

Thank you Snail Scott and Mel for this particular discussion, it got me
and excited about the art of clay.

It is a great thing for a person to be able to create art and get paid as


Joel Ciulla

Joel Ciulla
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