[Clayart] Art, profit, doing what we love, and a few other uncafeinated thoughts

Deborah Thuman via Clayart clayart at lists.clayartworld.com
Sun Apr 19 11:40:46 EDT 2015

At the moment, I'm sad because I really need to play in the mud - and I can't just yet. I bought a new computer Friday night at Best Buy. Alas, they sold me the wrong computer. I took it back yesterday morning and swapped it for the right computer and a $400 refund. I spent about 8 hours yesterday transferring my stuff - music, photos, work files - to the new computer. This morning... every last thing I transferred is gone. I don't know where it is. It's gone. I used a usb drive to transfer stuff. This piece of misery is going back to Best Buy as soon as the store opens. I need a new laptop. Mine can't be upgraded, is slow, is cranky, is obsolete by plan. It's a MacBook Pro. I tried replacing it with another MacBook Pro. I got the last version which has a CD drive. I did that because I use my computer for work and I need to be able to play video recordings made by police. They're on a DVD. The police are not doing cloud things yet. They are lucky they have cars that run. But everything is gone this morning. Everything. I can't have that. BTW, no one should be doing things on iCloud or any cloud. The feds can get at EVERYTHING you store on the cloud without a warrant. The feds can get at every internet site you gazed at. The feds have not heard of the fourth amendment. No clouds for me. I'm ticked that amazon.com makes me store my digital music which I buy from them on the cloud. 

And so I'll take the evil, non-functioning computer back to Best Buy. I have a printout of the new MacBook Pro I want along with a usb superdrive so I can play the DVDs. Best Buy is supposed to have price matching. If they do, I want what the computer I printed out at the Apple price listed on the print out.

The clerk at Best Buy talked me into Geek Squad and insurance for $200 for a year. I called Geek Squad yesterday when I was having problems setting up the new laptop. After 45 minutes, I was told the geek didn't know what was wrong with the computer. Applecare will cost me $100 for three years. 

This is not how I wanted to spend my weekend. I wanted to spend time today working in the mud. Mud clears my head, calms my nerves, and makes the bipolar stuff stay centered. This is good. This is worth far more than I'm spending on meds. Mud needs to be played with in the morning because here in southern New Mexico this time of year we have WIND. Great, pollen flinging, body stopping wind. Not gusts. Wind. It's tough to play in the mud in WIND. The studio is on the back patio. 

We all play in the mud for assorted reasons. I want to be able to sell my work. I try, with each piece, to make it better than the last one of whatever it was. Better fitting lid. Better thing inside the lid that keeps the lid from sliding off. Smoother bottom. Better handle. Better shape. I experiment. Right now, I've got texture stuff made from reclaim that will eventually be fired. I'm hoping the texture stuff will give me what I need and look nice. If it doesn't, I'll experiment some more. I'll get it eventually. I will retire in 4 years, 7 months, 11 days. I want to supplement my pension. I want to enjoy mud and not be worried if I'm going to be able to buy cat food or pay the utility bills. For the next 4 years, 7 months, 11 days, I will need mud to keep from screaming. 

Deb Thuman
I can honestly say that I was never affected by the question of the success of an undertaking. If I felt it was the right thing to do, I was for it regardless of the possible outcome.   Golda Meir

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