[Clayart] Art, profit, doing what we love, and a few other uncafeinated thoughts

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Be glad your not a full time artist.
Bills time management learning selling books life yard work more
bills...family.....social delimas....more learning...more money....

Art full time is a rare job these days....if someone attempts it power to
Other wise please use it as a session for healing but dont quit your day
Art makes people who they are if they are strong enough to attempt such a
Be glad you have your bubble and your employer to occupy your time....
Be Well!

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> At the moment, I'm sad because I really need to play in the mud - and I
> can't just yet. I bought a new computer Friday night at Best Buy. Alas,
> they sold me the wrong computer. I took it back yesterday morning and
> swapped it for the right computer and a $400 refund. I spent about 8 hours
> yesterday transferring my stuff - music, photos, work files - to the new
> computer. This morning... every last thing I transferred is gone. I don't
> know where it is. It's gone. I used a usb drive to transfer stuff. This
> piece of misery is going back to Best Buy as soon as the store opens. I
> need a new laptop. Mine can't be upgraded, is slow, is cranky, is obsolete
> by plan. It's a MacBook Pro. I tried replacing it with another MacBook Pro.
> I got the last version which has a CD drive. I did that because I use my
> computer for work and I need to be able to play video recordings made by
> police. They're on a DVD. The police are not doing cloud things yet. They
> are lucky they have cars that run. But everything is gone this morning.
> Everything. I can't have that. BTW, no one should be doing things on iCloud
> or any cloud. The feds can get at EVERYTHING you store on the cloud without
> a warrant. The feds can get at every internet site you gazed at. The feds
> have not heard of the fourth amendment. No clouds for me. I'm ticked that
> amazon.com makes me store my digital music which I buy from them on the
> cloud.
> And so I'll take the evil, non-functioning computer back to Best Buy. I
> have a printout of the new MacBook Pro I want along with a usb superdrive
> so I can play the DVDs. Best Buy is supposed to have price matching. If
> they do, I want what the computer I printed out at the Apple price listed
> on the print out.
> The clerk at Best Buy talked me into Geek Squad and insurance for $200 for
> a year. I called Geek Squad yesterday when I was having problems setting up
> the new laptop. After 45 minutes, I was told the geek didn't know what was
> wrong with the computer. Applecare will cost me $100 for three years.
> This is not how I wanted to spend my weekend. I wanted to spend time today
> working in the mud. Mud clears my head, calms my nerves, and makes the
> bipolar stuff stay centered. This is good. This is worth far more than I'm
> spending on meds. Mud needs to be played with in the morning because here
> in southern New Mexico this time of year we have WIND. Great, pollen
> flinging, body stopping wind. Not gusts. Wind. It's tough to play in the
> mud in WIND. The studio is on the back patio.
> We all play in the mud for assorted reasons. I want to be able to sell my
> work. I try, with each piece, to make it better than the last one of
> whatever it was. Better fitting lid. Better thing inside the lid that keeps
> the lid from sliding off. Smoother bottom. Better handle. Better shape. I
> experiment. Right now, I've got texture stuff made from reclaim that will
> eventually be fired. I'm hoping the texture stuff will give me what I need
> and look nice. If it doesn't, I'll experiment some more. I'll get it
> eventually. I will retire in 4 years, 7 months, 11 days. I want to
> supplement my pension. I want to enjoy mud and not be worried if I'm going
> to be able to buy cat food or pay the utility bills. For the next 4 years,
> 7 months, 11 days, I will need mud to keep from screaming.
> Deb Thuman
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> I can honestly say that I was never affected by the question of the
> success of an undertaking. If I felt it was the right thing to do, I was
> for it regardless of the possible outcome.   Golda Meir
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