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and, in this area we live in the land of mackenzie.  he sells low, and
always has.  it sets a tone.  

True.  He does and he always has.  But let me tell you something important about that, and it's a point that Mel has also made many times.

I once took a two week workshop with Warren, back about 1976, when I was still throwing.  One day he decided to make teapots.  He'd made stuff the day before, so he finished that stuff in the morning and started right after lunch.  So I decided to do the same.  We both made teapots all afternoon, and finished them the next morning.  At that time I was selling my teapots for twice what he was selling his for.  He made three times as many as I did.  He made more money that day than I did.

Paul Lewing

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