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Yes! Too, my old walker just keeps on mixing, blending and pugging along.. Since I got it used some 20 or so years ago I have never had it apart to clean.  Run porcelain, dark and white clays, heavily grogged stuff for kiln posts and arch brick packing refractories.   It has done it all....
Easy to purge, no need to clean out, I save the purge clay for Kids clay at the Farmers Market and school visits and demos.  Same for my old Soldner Tub.... dry mix...wet mix, recycle and blend any and varied consistencies.  I always thought of how many extra pots it would take to pay for a new super dopper de-airing fussy to maintain pugger and it has just never worked out on paper or in my mind to buy one.  Couldn't see it as an "investment" with enough return.

Others will differ and defend their choices. All well and good.  No judgments!!! Just not for me and the life I have chosen.   (or did it chose me???)

Like when my brother and I would have to pull our 'coon hounds out of the corn fields at 3 AM because a half million dollar corn picker was eating a hundred foot swath of corn behind the dogs.  We were out there running with the hounds, following that sweet music, breathing that ozone enriched night air, stimulated by the beauty of the night sky, navigating by the stars, in that sea of corn while the owner/operator was out there at 3 AM working for the Bank and unka Sam.  I don't like working for Banks. For Unka I pay my dues, and have fishing time and loving time along with making pots.

David Woof..........

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> i cleaned my walker one time, about 23 years ago.
> been fine ever since.
> had to straighten the blades, so i just cleaned it out.
> never do that again. i wonder how many tons have gone
> through that mill???? thousands.
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