[Clayart] fiber kiln thoughts

Jeff Lawrence jefflawr at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 23:26:14 EST 2015

Des wrote:

> 3" would have worked OK, I made the strips 4" to reduce
> heat loss. We lost a couple of inches in airways. This
> made an annoying difference in heat flow & resulting
> glaze effects, but, we got used to it

Hi Des,
This is partly reassuring. After realizing that my rolls weren't the 100
ft2 I thought, I slimmed  my walls to 4.5" from 6". Since a Bailey kiln of
my acquaintance has IFB walls just a single brick thick, I figured the same
thickness of fiber would a fortiori be fine.
The non-reassuring part is the part I don't understand about airways and
heatflow. Would you spell it out for this north-colonial?
I planned to make the door 6" and the roof 7" but now realize I'm short.
Waffling now on whether to make 'em thinner and regret it later or wait to
get in more fiber and regret it now. Currently inclining toward the latter.
And Eric, thanks for chiming in and posting pix - your kiln brought back
fond memories of my kiln of yore (also a Minnie Flat Top design).

Jeff Lawrence
jefflawr at gmail.com

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