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MelI have been a nurse for 30 plus years.  I think your a fortunate man to have a forward thinking cardiologist.  I am quite hopeful you will be with us for a long time and in good health.   Each drug has risks...yup its true.  As long as your making informed choices i support you and your choices.  I feel deeply fortunate to have your wisdom in my life.Clm

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i had a complete heart work up yesterday at the minneapolis heart
institute.  this is a complete study after my heart issues a few years back.

got an A+ as of yesterday.

my cardiologist has put me on xaralto, the drug you see being
hammered on tv by the lawyers...`you gonna die`.

dr. malby said to me...`xaralto may be the best tool to fight stroke
that we have ever had.  of course it is new and lawyers want to
get right in there and get ready for it to fail. but, it is a perfect
fighter of stroke.`

i have a very slight a/fib in my upper left chamber that feeds the
brain, so stroke is a possibility...this drug will counter that.

and, there is a new filter that has just been ok'd by the feds
that will take out blood clots to the brain.  it is called `watchman`.
(google it, there is a lot written about it.)

but, that project is still in the pipeline of insurance companies and will not
be ok'd for a year or so.  they are using it only on patients with high
risk of stroke.  dr. malby said he would use me as a test patient when things
get worked out...he is of the mind that it may be a `miracle stent`.

my doc is a leader in heart electronics.  he does ablations of nerves
that are blocked to carry electric impulse to the heart.  electric impulse
disruption is one of the leading cause of heart attack.  so, i have been
re/wired by dan melby.  do i admire him...`you bet your butt`.
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