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I have never let anyone make my glazes. When a former student found me an we became friends he offered, one day, to mix up a batch of glaze for me. This is someone I trained. He's been making pots and glaze for years at his own studio. But, people can make mistakes, they read a number wrong. They read the wrong line on the recipe. They use magnesium carb instead of manganese. If the mistake is going to be made I want it to be my mistake. That way I only have myself to blame. Glaze is too important to leave to someone else.


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> On Dec 15, 2015, at 10:41 PM, mel jacobson via Clayart <clayart at lists.clayartworld.com> wrote:
> i bet half the members of clayart make glaze.
> we do it several times a year. at least i do.
> it is not something you have to worry about, as if you
> are breathing vast amounts of silica.
> you clean up with water, you are careful and not spill
> glaze materials all over.  it is simple, like baking.
> a mop and bucket for the floor, sponge and fresh water
> for the tables.
> put things away with covers.
> simple, and not dangerous at all. actually, wash your hands when done.
> it is like fear of cobalt.  i use about six tablespoons of cobalt
> a year.  i never eat it or breath it.  and, i never stir glazes with
> my arm.  i have a great drill motor with a long armed mixer.
> old potters rule. we do not like to do stupid things...common sense.
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