[Clayart] Seeping Pots

sumi sumi at herwheel.com
Tue Dec 22 23:51:24 EST 2015


I've sealed earthenware (unglazed micaceous clay) with milk - it's the 
casein in it that does it - but I would never do this with stoneware, 
certainly not with ware I'm going to sell or give away. Assuming you are 
using glazed stoneware, I suspect the casein would wash out in the 
dishwasher, and it wouldn't be very permanent if you use the pot in the 
microwave or the oven, either. If you are working with stoneware, you 
need to find a clay that is properly vitrified at your temperature. If 
you are working with earthenware, the clay is naturally porous - one 
solution is to a) bisque higher than the glaze firing, say cone 1, and 
then b) dip the pot completely in the glaze, including the foot, then 
either fire on stilts or wipe away only the tiniest bit of glaze from 
the edge of the foot ring before firing. This allows a bit of glaze to 
seep into the clay before you wipe it off, helping to seal it. It is 
still likely that eventually with use the glaze will craze and the pot 
might begin to seep over time.

> I've had several pots that seep ... not a good thing when you want to use them as pitchers or vases.
> One of my teachers suggested the "spoiled milk remedy"

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