[Clayart] Kiln Temperature Choices "question"

Kenneth Chase kchase235 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 27 15:03:32 EST 2015

Looking through the book “500 Ceramic Sculptures” I noticed many pieces were fired at very low temperatures.
In my very limited experience and limited choices offered at the Ceramic studio I use
to fire my work it seems cone 6 seems to be the end all temperature for everything.

I even saw sculptures made of low fire porcelain that were cone02. Does that mean there is a clay available in 
all heat ranges? Would that mean if I chose only to work with low temp I could still produce any type work and only
use a kiln that could only reach mid temps?

I’m sure it’s obvious from the question I’m quite new to ceramics and very determined to gain as much understanding as I can

Ken Chase

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