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Kilns with power burners need no draft to fire - the air is entrained  
because there is a blower moving it into the burner.

If you are firing with atmospheric burners you will need some draft  
from a chimney.

If your stack is too tall and the draft too strong you can adjust by  
closing the damper.

If you damper is wide open and you don't have enough air being drawn  
into a kiln you need a taller chimney.


Quoting mel jacobson via Clayart <clayart at lists.clayartworld.com>:

> i think i am correct in stating that in most down draft kilns there is no\
> need for a chimney.  it would fire just fine bringing the brick stack to the
> top of the kiln and let her rip.
> \
> the chimney is used in most cases to get the fumes and smoke away
> from a building or just away from your face.
> i add that flu liner just to make sure we did not breath the
> fumes.  it works like a rocket ship as i have said a dozen times.
> in many cases both nils and i have run into problems with tall chimneys.
> some colleges have kilns with like fourteen foot stacks out a tall
> out buildings cover.   those kiln have a hard time reaching cone 5.
> i have an eleven foot 12 inch stack at home.  it goes through my studio
> roof.  i would love to take off 5 feet, but then it would exhaust into\my
> studio...i hate that.
> nils had a saying.``if your kiln stalls, take off three feet, or add  
> three feet
> of chimney.  who knows til you try what the problem is`.
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