[Clayart] using sticky wax for placing stuff in kiln

Eleanora Eden eeden at vermontel.net
Tue Dec 29 21:16:54 EST 2015

Hi Dale and all,

For this kind of glue job I have started using sticky wax.  I buy
it  through the big jewelry supplier but I am confident you can find  
it at craft shops.
It is a miracle for this kind of thing.  I used to use Elmer's and the  
drying time added
a delay not always appreciated.  But the best part is that a tiny
bit of the sticky wax really works well.  Cut off a corner of the
block, roll it into a tiny coil, and cut off bits to do whatever job.

I mostly use it for anchoring stilts on stuff going into the refires
kiln.  It works better for this than anything I have tried before.



Happy New Year everybody

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