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Hi Mel;
You are right about the China kilns firing hot.   There are tons of saggars  with melted porcelain stuck inside due to, the kiln over firing.  I have also seen old kiln sites where the kiln collapsed because it fluxed out.  My theory is that the kiln masters may have over loaded the kiln with fuel to close  close to temp and a good draft into the kiln cause it to climb quickly, and thus become out of control. It is just a theory. 
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> and remember, those old kilns in china fired really hot.  much hotter than
> most
> people realize.  and, they took days to cool.  it was magic from the
> beginning.

I'm going to argue with you a bit here. Nigel Wood in "Chinese glazes"
asserts that most of these old kilns never got above 2250F or so (not even
cone 10 in a fast fire situation). BUT they maintained that temperature for
many hours if not days, and as you say took a week to cool. This meant that
(heatwork and all that!), they might have fired to Cone 12, but not
necessarily "hot".

Now of course he and his book might well be wrong (it was written a while
ago, and I don;t know what new scholarship says). But, I've always found
him to be fairly authoritative.

I have often thought that old fashioned hare's fur with long long streaks,
might have to be fired low(ish) and slow(ish), to allow for the careful
dripping of the glaze. To fast and hot and those hare's fur/oil spots
(which of course HAVE to be fired in oxidation!), just wouldn't work.

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