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I sell seconds at a couple of events such as a studio sale where I 
teach, where the students and staff snap them up. And I "second" Vince's 
statement that a piece that is flawed to the point of losing function is 
not a second, it's trash, but if it's functional and pretty there's no 
reason someone shouldn't be using it. I use a lot of them. I never put 
anything I consider a second in a gallery. And if the glaze ever has 
blisters it's trash. Blisters are dangerous. I feel like I consume a lot 
of resources making objects and I hate to just fill up landfills with 
useful things that aren't cosmetically perfect. I feel a bit conflicted 
as it is about using the resources in the first place making objects the 
world doesn't quite need.

> I would like to hear what you have to say about selling seconds.  First, what classifies as a "second" and do you sell them?  I know there are mixed opinions about this among potters.
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