[Clayart] Slow firing

Ivor Lewis via Clayart clayart at lists.clayartworld.com
Sun Feb 1 00:06:06 EST 2015

When I was working on the Chemistry of Salt glazing I needed to collect the
fumes generated in the kiln. I built apparatus to collect the gas as it came
from the chamber. I used a Vacuum Cleaner running in reverse..
I started the salting and then connected the power to the Vacuum. Fumes were
sucked through the Vac and into the wash tower. Suddenly the motor died. The
fumes coming into the system were hot enough to melt the solder and the
insulation. I replaced the Vac with a Ceramic Venturi injection pump. 
Take care.
Notes about calculating heat transfer can be found in "Handbook for
Australian Potters".  ISBN 0-454-00448-6.


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