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Dear Marta,
Such a nice post, and so interesting how one thing can lead to another, by
chance or destiny, who knows?  I do know that clayart has definitely
enriched my life, not only for information, but really for the people that
I have met while at NCECA.  Yes, I am definitely looking for to seeing you
and many others.  It is almost like going to a family reunion.  And I will
see the movie. . .heard a lot about it, and met Shaner once when he was in
Toronto giving a workshop. One could not help from being moved by him, as
he worked. . .quietly and seriously, and very giving with information.

Liz Willoughby, from Brighton, Ontario, Canada, looking out at freezing
temperatures and blowing snow everywhere.

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> it is amazing, how so many of us think of David Shaner, when we see the
> movie about Hawking's life. i never cried so much - ever in a movie
> theater, i just couldn't stop crying. it is a marvelous film, hope it gets
> all the oscars! while watching this movie i was also thinking of my
> favorite clay artist, David Shaner. he was the juror of CERAMICS USA in
> 1998 and one of my pieces got accepted for this exhibition. i was so
> excited, i went for the opening - because i wanted to meet him in person!
> (and that was my very first nceca as well) unfortunately i could not meet
> David Shaner, he was already very ill, and could not come for the
> opening… but i met Bacia Edelman,who was also in that show, and she took me
> to the clayart room, where i met MEL, and several of my clay art friends….
> and Bacia taught me how to use the computer, so i can be a real 'clayart"
> member….. now, that nceca is coming up again, soon in Providence, RI, i am
> excited to see many of you at the clay art room!!! marta marta matray
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