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I lived the same when I was in the service.   It is called zero based budgeting.   The last month of the budget year was shopping time.   I kept a "nice, to have list,"at the ready.  When my boss would call to ask me to spend, I just submitted the list.

The other name for this kind of budgeting was called, "Use it, or lose it."

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> On Feb 2, 2015, at 10:44 AM, Jim Brown via Clayart <clayart at lists.clayartworld.com> wrote:
> "Monies not spent from the division budget about two weeks before end of
> the semester had to be spent ASAP or lost." - Bill
> This is the way the military and, I assume, other government depts work.
> In my Navy squadron, at the start of a funding period you couldn't get a
> penny for anything unless absolutely needed because they didn't know what
> they might need the money for.  At the end, they would tell you, "order
> anything, take the aircraft on cross countries, burn as much fuel as you
> can.  We need to spend all this money or we will lose it and they will cut
> our budget next time.
> Dumbest damn policy I have ever seen - an unbelievable waste of money.
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