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a big hooray to bill schran who has shown a great many
people how to run a clay program and be self supporting.
(but then, no one stopped him...as his own integrity was not
challenged by authority.  not many could pull that off.

we live in a government society that is waste times a million.

i suggested in 1986 that each department at the high school
have a checking account.  the department made choices
over what and when to buy supplies and services.
it was a very detailed report.

if the checking account was over drawn, it was made
`correct` by deducting the money from the teachers pay.

the principal could sit down with the dept chair each semester
and go over the checks and balances.

money could be kept from year to year.

my god, they screamed at me...`WE CANNOT DO THAT`.

i then pointed out that each purchase order cost the
district 19 dollars to process.  it went through at least
four people before it was sent to the vendor.
why not just write a check/?
is impossible to be practical.  a fact.

and some wonder why i am so anti administration.  i suggested
hundreds of things over the years...always shot down.
it was always a suggestion to fight through bs.
no one listens.

just for kicks one year i ordered a very expensive potters wheel.
i did not need it.  it was approved...i then called em at continental
clay and said ` we are going to return the wheel, and we will just
take a `in store ` credit.   nice, i was able to order clay, chemicals
and other odds and ends.  no book work.   was that illegal.????  probably,
but, you have to fight fire with fire.  (at the end of the year i sent
a note to central office that the wheel was defective, and take it
off the list of equipment.)  (by the way,i stored every defective tool,
wheel, or anything that was purchased as `equipment`.  when i left
hopkins i hauled it all out and placed it in the clay room.  and sure
enough a guy from central office showed up and counted everything.
he said` you have four more wheels than we have accounting for.`
i said...`i bought and paid for them..you can have them.`  a great
deal of head scratching.   of course that 1959 shimpo came from a
garage sale...never did work.  5 bucks.  and those stand up kick
wheels from amaco never did work.(they were in the school ,
ordered by someone unknown..they just tipped over ...as they
had three legs...we had four of them.  stored away for that needed
day.  there they stood all shiny and new, in a row, my last day at

  one of my pet peeves as a teacher was the raiding of art supplies
by other departments.  it was awful.  our budget got raided all the time...and
by central office. i finally put out an all school notice that our supply
room had its lock changed and i held the only key..and, no supplies
will be used by anyone except the art department.  and, i did change
the lock at my own expense.

if you have never been in the service, have a government job, or
worked in a school you probably have no clue.  waste.  it always was
`no money` then a flood to make and keep money.  it was that sort
of thing that made me leave clay teaching, never kids.
it is that sort of `you just cannot win`.

'i talked to stephanie and denny yesterday...i told them about
her `teacher of the year story, and how she spends her own money`.
and, she said...`got an hour, i can fill you in with ten stories that would
curl the toes of clayart`.  no thanks, it will just make me spit up.
and, we have a legion of great teachers out there trying their
hearts out to keep clay going for kids.  they are all `teacher of the year`.
and john post would be the first to cheer them on.

from: minnetonka, mn
new book: http://www.21stcenturykilns.com

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