MGordon via Clayart clayart at lists.clayartworld.com
Tue Feb 3 15:25:35 EST 2015

My first introduction to "spend it or lose it", cane in one of my first 
years teaching, I had maybe $1000 left over and the following year I 
noticed that it was missing. One of the secretaries  explained to me 
that anything left over that isn't spent, automatically goes back to 
the district. I told her that I was trying to save it for a new 
electric wheel, & that the money came from the students clay money NOT 
District budget, & that it should be returned. No luck! So another 
secretary set me up with a school account that was separate from the 
District budget. I named it the "Ceramic Club" . All clay money I 
collected over the year went into that fund, I payed for the rest of 
the years clay( after the ceramic budget was spent ) with that money. 
Any left over at the end of the year went for more electric wheels. I 
worked for a VERY PRO -ART DEPT. SCHOOL DIST. Mike Gordon

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