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Hank adds something;

I have another from further back in our past: 1959. Pete was coming to U of Oregon to do a workshop, and needed 1000 #'s of clay___ his usual recipe, 70% Lincoln 60 & 30% Del Monte sand. I mixed it and stored it in our concrete bins, which held around 1500 #'s. Pete arrived, and I showed him the clay in the bin and asked him if he wanted some help wedging it up. He said "Sure, grab some clay", and I got ten #'s out while I watched him collect about 50#'s and kneeling on the concrete floor he wedged it into a beautiful spiral while I cut and slammed my ten #'s on the butcher-block wedging table

I asked him if it was hard to do it his way, and he said "Grab some more clay and come down on the floor with me."
I got another 20#'s and got down across from him. He said "No, get shoulder to shoulder with me". I did, and couldn't form that spiral. Pete said, "Hank, close your eyes, they are fooling you". Two minutes later I had a fine spiral form and it was easier to wedge that 30#'s than it had been to cut and slam the ten #'s. Been that way for 56 years.

I tell that story at each workshop I give, and another about how shy Pete was. I was sorry to see him in later years so stressed by drugs and fame. It could happen to any potter chasing after magazine covers. Anyway, I just want to honor him as he was to me in 1959.

Cheers, Hank in Eugene

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> pete voulkus story:
> i met him in kansas city...he was stoned rotten, then
> needles to the arm.   no one got to talk to him.  we was on
> a couch for three days.  total waste.
> sad.
> but, he is alleged to have sold all his thrown pieces for cash...
> to buy drugs....the family literally has no pots...(that story
> was passed to me from an expert...you make your own mind
> about that.. something was said about that in one of the stories
> about him years back...might have been `studio potter`)  but, to be
> blunt, i witnessed it.

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