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Thu Feb 5 11:14:00 EST 2015

it is a huge issue.

many that want fame will make huge work.  the averages of
sales and profit would be a speculation.
who knows???  what i do know is...many of my old pals that
did museum stuff...got stuff in...but the profit loss issue did not
match up.

as i tell students, those going to colleges etc...the prof does not
have to make `profit`, they need to fill their advancement book.
(the book that is kept to show `papers, science, work, lectures
away from campus...art shows, sales`  there is a great deal of
`you invite me, i will invite you.`  back scratching.  so a big splash
in a gallery, museum will work out just fine. it is the key to the
next step to `full prof`)

but, for example...i make work that fits homes, cupboards and

i have no intention of making `museum pots`.

i actually sell all of my stuff.  a platter that will hold six turkeys
will not fit any table in the world.
nor, can you put it away in any cupboard.

i do add hanging wires to big platters...just in case.

scale is a very huge issue in the art world....one has to make choices.

i put 2"x3" mini paintings on my facebook page. Scan and upload)  i 
tell people they are gifts.
you download the painting, add to picassa, and then print it on good
paper, 8x10.  now you have one of my paintings...free of charge.  add a
simple kmart frame around it...original art.
(go to my facebook page and help yourself.  there is a new one there, 
bw or color,
you pick)

my work is in more houses than most famous people would ever guess.
that thrills me.  and, it is a `pass it along sort of thing`.   makes me smile.

from: minnetonka, mn
new book: http://www.21stcenturykilns.com

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