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HA! I did the same thing only we pasted a few COORS labels inside a 
wall with a note saying F#@K the bld. inspector! Mike Gordon, PS My 
friend the builder, ( I was a helper ) HATED BLD. INSPECTORS!
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> When I was building my house I stashed small pots in the
> walls (interior walls without insulation). I guess they will be
> found when the house is demolished!
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>> i have done a similar thing for years.
>> i pass out slabs of clay and a pencil to guests
>> at new years  etc.  the folks write a note to the
>> future.
>> \i sink the tiles after a cone 11 firing,  into `holes in the ice` on 
>> the big
>> lake, minnetonka, when it is below zero and i feel
>> safe driving out there.
>> they sink to the bottom of the lake..covered in silt.
>> they will be found like 250,000 years from now.
>> i also have sunk some pots into my backyard. + shards.
>> who knows...it is a `nature preserve` my dad called it
>> a swamp.
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