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I always, at the last stage stick, a pencil or something into the 
nostrils of the nose, ears & mouth if it's open. Mike Gordon
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> For a while, I was having a terrible time at work. Please don't ask - 
> the flashbacks are bad enough. And so I hung out in the clay studio as 
> often as possible. I started making large female figures. I did spend 
> a little time thinking about fitting in the kiln. I can't remember 
> exactly, but I think I made close to 20 female figures that semester. 
> I filled a good sized corner of the clay studio with my work in all 
> stages of drying. I filled that corner so much, I had to find storage 
> spaces where I could let my work dry. One student was amazed to 
> discover all those figures were my work - he thought it was an entire 
> class. One of the TAs said he really liked having me working while his 
> class was in the studio. He wanted them to see what I was doing, how 
> big it was (there were those who bitched about making a piece 20" 
> tall) and how many pieces I was making.
> Jim made a box with casters. Sculpture went on the box, which was 
> exactly as tall as the floor of the gas kiln, and got carefully slid 
> into the kiln. I learned how to grab large sculptures without breaking 
> off arms and heads. Jim made other boxes with casters. First I'd build 
> on a lazy susan on the table. When the piece got too tall for that, I 
> switched to putting the lazy susan on a stool. When the sculpture was 
> too tall for that, onto the box it went. The casters were so I could 
> rotate the box as I had rotated the lazy susan.
> When the head of a sculpture blew up in the kiln (could have sworn I 
> put a hole in the mouth), I improvised and turned the sculpture into a 
> political statement. I did a self portrait sculpture of when I was 5. 
> I had braids down to my tush. I gotta say, glazing those braids was a 
> The herd of female sculptures grace a small portion of the living room 
> and a large portion of the yard. I knew there was a reason we had 
> nearly three acres.
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