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Back in the late 60s or early 70s we met a couple where the wife was the
painter. She had a great color sense and was a credible artist. However,
later on I found out that her husband had quit his job and became his wife's
agent for her "over the couch" paintings all at least 4 feet  or more in
size. They made a good living at that and she was busy painting abstracts
every day, even went to art fairs to publicize her work. Other painters of
that era would cut up their large paintings into small gems, and sold them
to those who could not afford the larger pieces.  Another time I was invited
to Palm Beach to give a workshop and visited a painter who was busy turning
out such large work as well. No problem selling it at all. There was a time
then when the ownership of an original piece of art was in; business was
booming. Luckily I was able to have sales of my work large enough to support
our family for twenty years. It took a lot of hard work to keep up with the
demand  It was then when the art fairs proliferated as each community wanted
in on the largess of such activities by the artists. Spelled doom and a
downfall as there was just too much work and the competition drove prices


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