[Clayart] dead kiln controller, need replacement

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I like Omega for this kind of stuff... if you can't find what you want here
Temperature and Process Controllers and Power Switching Devices
Then give them a call.  They can help
These are mostly button driven, but the temp readout flies thru the range.. The old thumbwheel stuff is just about dead now, HMI's with touch screens have obsoleted almost everything except Emergency Stop buttons LOL


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Hi all,

we have a few bailey gas kilns with a japanese made Sigma brand temperature controller on them.  one of these died recently, and Bailey doesn't sell this particular model anymore.  I was wondering if anyone has any experience repairing these, and/or if anyone knows where I can buy a similar product.  These have little thumb wheels to set the temperature on the controller.  I like this better than the newer digital controllers, because I can flip from candling at 200F to final temp of 2340 with just a few little flips of the switches.  I haven't had any luck finding similar controllers on the internet, except for some type J thermocouple controllers on ebay, like this one:


any tips would be most appreciated.  Bailey has an "upgraded" digital controller, but I was told it costs around $500.  I can get a cheap PID for around $50, but I don't like the two button temp control on those types.  nice enough if you don't change the temperatures much, but that's not how I do things.


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