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Thu Feb 12 11:01:04 EST 2015

deb has it all correct.
how do they do it????i just don't know.
as i said...
i wrote a book about kilns to help folks have an
idea what they are, how they work and how they
can be safe.  we have chapters by experts to explain

most of the people that use my book are knowledgeable
potters....with a zeal to have their own kiln.
they do appreciate the safety rules and regs.
i have always told folks, `when in doubt, call me at home`.
my number is in the book.  some do.

many schools and colleges do not have a clue.
i get notes now and then from folks all over the world.
(sent a book last month to `lima, peru`.  many to europe.)

`mel, how can i tell the tech he is doing it wrong?`
that sort of thing.  all i can do is tell them the facts...but
often they are scoffed at.

i had to leave my post as `board member` of a fine
art center.  no one listens.
my favorite line.  `please do not spend 25 grand on a dark room.`
digital is here to stay`.  it is now a 25 thousand dollar room to
store chairs.

we have a rule at hay creek.  `if there is any problem with
a kiln...run to the propane tank and shut it off...even
if you are unsure.  we can easily start it up again.`
i have a big chart on the door of my kiln room.  it locates
the gas shut off system.  just in case it is a neighbor that
is concerned.  i am always there, but, who knows what can

firing a fuel kiln is like flying an airplane.  you have to
be prepared, and know what you are doing when the
big `disaster hits`.  you cannot fake it.  you have to
have fire drills in your own head...`what would i do if????`

from: minnetonka, mn
new book: http://www.21stcenturykilns.com

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