[Clayart] CSA certified KILNS

MGordon via Clayart clayart at lists.clayartworld.com
Thu Feb 12 18:07:46 EST 2015

I think all kilns have to be purchased, not independently built, at 
least in h.s. districts. My 2 electric kiln & a gas kiln were in a 
cinder block bld. with a tin roof. The electric & gas kilns were 
separated by a cinder block wall as well. There were two h.s.'s in the 
dist. I was at a brand new one at the "rural" end of town, & the other 
( in town ) was the darling of the dist, since it was first  built 
50yrs earlier. They got a new 20cu.ft.GEIL, I got a 15 cu. ft. kiln by 
some small company that I 'd never heard of, since gone out of 
business. Mike Gordon

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