[Clayart] water in kiln - but what about steam?

John Post via Clayart clayart at lists.clayartworld.com
Fri Feb 13 11:37:40 EST 2015

> every elementary kid should have two hours of art
> and craft every day.  our world would change fast...for the better.

The new questions I get from kids in my classes is 
"what about the steam? - Should I poke a steam hole?"

One little talk about steam engines, water, teapots and steam and the kids have 
figured out that if they make thick things they need to account for steam.  
Little kids thinking about physics and how it relates to stuff 
they are making with clay - imagine that - science in art.

I second the call for two hours of art and craft every day. 
Little kids might actually like going to school.

I remember making a cardboard castle and coat of arms in 4th grade. 
Because we did something hands-on, the learning
about the feudal system and the middle ages was burned into my brain...

Sadly my school district thinks spending more time in 
front of a computer screen is the way to go. They mandate how
many hours a day the little kids are plugged in.
Because computers collect data and schools love data and numbers 
they think the kids are actually learning something.

Today my kids are creating game pieces for tic-tac-toe games.
They have to come up with two things that are related and then make
them in clay. 

Flip-flops and high heels, toasters and bread, motorcycles and cars,
-one kid made hearts and kidneys - another made washing machines and dryers.

They all made clay bowls last week and I have them put their game pieces in the clay
bowls so I don't have to load thousands of tiny little objects into the kiln individually.

There's not one kid off task today. They are talking like artists and asking for feedback
from each other on whether or not their objects are recognizable.

John Post

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