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My husband had a heart attack in 1993 in class at Penland and after a week in intensive care at Spruce Pine  after beung advised he needed 3 ,had 5 bypasses , He under 3 weeks later ( in his 51 st birthday) reaching home. He,just under 3 weeks later, walked our daughter down the isle and gingerly danced the first dance with her.
He, had lived an active life celebration our 51st anniversary last fall and still works and directs deconstructing the home.
Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetheart.
Hoping you have the same outcome.Best wishes.

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>I also never cease to be amazed by the advances that surround us and impact on our lives. 
>My Grandmother, like so many of her generation did not survive the birth of my mother,  and were it not for the advances in medical science and practice I would not still have our Daughter and the two glorious Granddaughters she, with some attendant difficulties, produced.
>Like you I've had bits mended, knees replaced, and I'm about to have bypass surgery, which means I should have the continued opportunity to annoy everyone around me for a bit longer.
>We are very darned lucky.
>Steve M
>Steve Mills, Bath, UK  
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>> i would not be alive today if it was not for
>> modern medical science.  my heart procedure
>> was beyond hi tech.  i went home the next day.
>> i could have walked to my room after six hours of
>> surgery.  no pain.  easy.
>> i have two new shoulders, 100% repaired.
>> i am throwing 20 lb bowls like i was 25 years old with
>> no pain.
>> my prostate cancer was `cured` with a technique
>> of freezing the tumor.  it was a few hours in the hospital.
>> the same cancer killed my brother.
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