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Sat Feb 14 10:09:31 EST 2015

we took in my mother in law because she was so ill, only
had a month to live.
she lived with us for `15` years.
don't predict.

anyway...while with us:
she said.
`my first radio was a crystal set and the antenna wire went to
my metal springs of my bed, we had one of the first
phones, we had a zenith radio during ww2, tv was new,   i saw a b17 
then i rode on
a boing 747 to japan`.
she saw the first cell phones and in her life time...did
  emails and wrote on a computer.  she would have
loved the ipad.  she died at 93.  she saw the entire modern
electronic age evolve in front of her eyes.
she saw the social changes and lived it.

she had cataract surgery at 90 and wound up with
20/20 vision for her last three years.  amazing.

she donated her body to the UofM med school.
and i told her...`hell mom, you always wanted to go
to college...now med school...` she laughed out loud.
no fear.  one wonders if anyone will have seen more
change in life than she did.  she was alive when
the wright brothers flew the first plane, she saw the
first ford car...the first refrigerator... she had ice delivered
three days a week.she saw it all.

she felt blessed to have been a part of it.

from: minnetonka, mn
new book: http://www.21stcenturykilns.com

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