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 Most families of our generation suffered from some form of tragedy. Both
cemeteries in Redhill are populated by infants, some a scant day old. My
paternal grandmother died from Spanish Influenza. My maternal Grandfather
survived Trench warfare to sire a son and a daughter. I still have memories
of the day he died from the shrapnel that couldn't be removed. Modern
surgery would be impossible without the application of antibiotics.

But getting back to Science Karl Popper, "Conjecture and Refutation" is good

Consider Hydrogen and Oxygen. These may be shown as being in the guise of
Water given the Symbol H2O. They may be shown as a combination of two atoms,
O and H. In a Dictionary of Science this may be called Hydroxide and be
described as a metallic compound containing the Ion (OH)^- (called the
Hydroxide Ion) It is also described as a substance containing -OH and called
a Hydroxyl Group bound to a Metal Atom. This puzzles me. It is illogical.
The dictionary is treating dissimilar things as being identical As a
scientist I know that a specific hypothesis cannot explain dissimilar
phenomena. Consider the following Observations, commonly described in many
books written for Potters and Ceramic Artists. Clay becomes plastic when it
is mixed with water. If it does not then it can be made more plastic by
adding a portion of Bentonite, not a lot. Just a few percent. We believe
this to be true. I know why it incorrect though it is difficult to explain.
But I was alerted to error when I decided to analyse the values of Water Of
Plasticity given in Glen Nelsons and Susan Petersons books and represented
the mineral materials and the water of Plasticity in terms of Volume. The
mass of clay in general is twice the mass of the water. In volumetric terms
the volume of water is twice that of the mineral component.

I now have a second edition of R. E. Grim, "Clay Mineralogy"

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I also never cease to be amazed by the advances that surround us and impact
on our lives. 

My Grandmother, like so many of her generation did not survive the birth of
my mother,  and were it not for the advances in medical science and practice
I would not still have our Daughter and the two glorious Granddaughters she,
with some attendant difficulties, produced.

Like you I've had bits mended, knees replaced, and I'm about to have bypass
surgery, which means I should have the continued opportunity to annoy
everyone around me for a bit longer.

We are very darned lucky.

Steve M

Steve Mills, Bath, UK  

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> i would not be alive today if it was not for
> modern medical science.  my heart procedure
> was beyond hi tech.  i went home the next day.
> i could have walked to my room after six hours of
> surgery.  no pain.  easy.
> i have two new shoulders, 100% repaired.
> i am throwing 20 lb bowls like i was 25 years old with
> no pain.
> my prostate cancer was `cured` with a technique
> of freezing the tumor.  it was a few hours in the hospital.
> the same cancer killed my brother.
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